As a Senior Fitness Specialist, I have a passion for providing post-rehab exercise programs to older adults who have completed physical therapy. After receiving a doctor's order, I will customize a program to meet your specific needs. This can include range-of-motion exercises, strength training, and flexibility to address joint concerns and stay active to avoid further complications. These programs can also help people who just want to stay healthy! I train one-on-one and group sessions. Being a mobile service, I provide all of the equipment and bring it to your home or facility to make it easy, fun, and enjoyable. I offer a variety of classes including Balls & Bands, Aqua Aerobics, Balance & Meditation and more.  I have been serving the South Bay and Westside communities for 12 years.

My love of senior fitness began when I was younger. I enjoyed helping my wonderful grandmother, lovingly referred to as "Ma". After an unintentional fall, the doctor told her she needed to exercise to keep her strength and health in tact. Ma was active, but not usually a fan of weight bearing exercises, as she didn't want to look too muscular. She was very involved in neighborhood/ community activities , so I had an idea of inviting her neighbors to do the exercises with her. I would help them do exercises the doctor prescribed and made sure their form and technique were correct. The sense of community really made the seniors motivated and feel connected, while doing something healthy. This really made me feel like I was a part of an important aspect of their lives. This work inspired me  to attend nursing school, and ultimately become a Senior Fitness Specialist.