"Bringing fitness to you"

 Hi, I'm Debbi. I am a trainer, nurse and mother. I specialize in two specific areas of fitness. 1.) Programs that address Fat Loss 2.) Programs for Senior Fitness- or both!

After I gave birth to my daughter I gained lots of weight.  This weight gain propelled me to lose weight by eating healthy and bringing fitness into my life. As someone who has been through the tough journey of losing weight, it is now my mission to help others achieve the same goal by bringing fitness to you via my training program. I understand first hand that the gym can be very intimidating and overwhelming, so that is why I customize a program specifically for you! With my program you can be in your 'happy place' while exercising, which in turn, creates embracing healthy lifestyle choices. 

 As a nurse, I worked with many geriatric patients and found that many still have a zest for life. I found they still want to be active, healthy and bright everyday. After seeing this I was inspired to bring fitness to this population, as well. I have created one-on-one training programs and group classes that are specifically targeted for this population, so they too, can be healthy.  Within these programs I adjust the exercises to the individuals health and fitness needs. I perform a health assessment, and monitor blood pressure, diabetes, or any concerns the patient may have. In my program I incorporate many mental exercises that use concentration and hand-eye coordination, to help keep their cognitive skills alert.