Hi, I'm Debbi. I am a fitness trainer, loving mother, and a nurse. The types of training services I offer include:

1) Senior Fitness

2) Weight Loss 

3)Post Rehab

These aspects of fitness really are a passion of mine. Senior fitness started with my grandmother, weight loss was, and still is a personal journey, and post rehab integrates the training world and nursing/ health fields into one. In college, my research including the following topics: Fall prevention, ergonomic safety, understanding Alzheimer's and other demintias, which has helped me bring quality programs for those affected. All of these areas of education, along with years of hands-on experience have helped enhance my skills set to deliver quality programs that garner safe and effective results. 


The first thing I noticed was how quickly Debbi was able to build rapport with my mother. I was also impressed with how Debbi changed her activities as my mother’s condition changed and her needs evolved.She was very creative in coming up with new and different ways to challenge my mother. I saw the gains my mother made as a result of Debbi’s work with her. I felt very lucky to find Debbi. She has the benefit of both nursing and fitness training and it showed in her work with my mom. I saw the benefits to my mother from her time working with Debbi and I can enthusiastically recommend her.


Drew D



Debbi saved my knee from surgery through an exercise program. I have a shallow knee cap and after 6 weeks of knee/ leg and total body exercises with Debbi, I returned to my doctor and was pleased to learn that because of this program I did not require surgery. Debbi gave me exercises to do at home to keep my knee strong. It has been working over the past ten years. I highly reccomend Debbi for injury preventions exercise programs.

Paulina M