Throughout my life, struggles with my weight have been consistent. One of my associates gave me the title of 'experiential expert'. Weight challenges began as far back as I can remember. A major turning point  came after I gave birth to my daughter many years ago.  I realized I gained lots of extra weight due to being placed on bedrest to avoid her premature birth. Once my little girl was born healthy and happy, I knew it was time to dig in and begin a new weight loss journey. It wasn't that I hadn't been down the long road of dieting and exercise before, but this time was completely different. I always tell people that my daughter was so active- she was actually my first personal trainer! Being a new mom during this period of time gave me an opportunity to not only show myself I could achieve a healthy weight, but also for me to be a good example for my daughter to stay healthy and fit. As someone who has been through the tough journey of losing weight,and still work through the ongoing challanges of weight loss maintenance, I understand the challanges firsthand of not only losing but maintaining weight lose. It is now my passion to help others achieve the same goal by bringing fitness to you via my training programs. I understand that the gym can be very intimidating and overwhelming, so that is why I customize a program specifically for you! My mobile service offers a goal-oriented and result-driven program with the convenience of exercising in your own home.